From Zimbabwe to Australia: Farai Larry Makombe

Farai Larry Makombe, otherwise known as ‘Slicker’, is an emerging music artist in Melbourne. He resides in Burwood, and is originally from Zimbabwe. Farai moved from Zimbabwe to Australia in January 2007.

Farai’s music genre is Zim-Dancehall. Dancehall music is closely related to Reggae; however, it is much more fast-paced and, as Farai would say, “it is modern, and now”. Zim-Dancehall is Dancehall music from Zimbabwe. It arose and was inspired in many ways after Bob Marley’s appearance in the 1980’s Zimbabwe Independence celebrations.

Farai describes his music as a form of storytelling. It is heavily influenced by his own life experiences both here in Australia and in Zimbabwe. He would tell you himself that his motto is “Have fun, don’t shoot guns”. Farai, having seen both sides of life, believes strongly in not forgetting where he comes from and treating each day as a blessing.

Sitting in his studio, Farai opens up and tells me that he has always enjoyed music. As a child he sang in the church choir; when he was a teenager he was a part of the school entertainment committee. Not long after leaving school he moved to Australia, where in his first years he enjoyed free-styling, which led to a friendship with another musician named ‘Sly’ and Sly’s crew, ‘Hard Hustler’. Sadly, in 2010 Sly was hit by a car and killed. Farai tells me, “This was a changing point for me. I woke up and asked myself, ‘What am I really doing with my life?’ ” He turned a tragedy in his life into a passion for creating Zim-Dancehall music.

In late 2014 Farai was signed to a music label in Zimbabwe, and has since been creating and collaborating with other artists, such as ‘Di Apprentice’, to create a mix tape. To check out some of Farai’s music, go to or find Farai on Facebook under Larry Slicker.

Christopher Gray
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