Plants in pots

Pots of colour

04/09/2021 Suzsi Mandeville

These days many flowerpots boast vivid ceramics and over winter, when the garden is bare, the pots themselves add vibrancy to a dull garden. My neighbour has mustard-coloured pots (which is a shade I loathe) […]

Suzsi's Garden

Dirty Weeds, Done Dirt Cheap

29/05/2021 Suzsi Mandeville

According to Einstein, I am insane. Apparently, he said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results!”. And when it comes to weeding, he’s quite right. […]

Welcome Guests

29/11/2020 Suzsi Mandeville

This summer is going to be tough if we can’t get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors. My solution is to invite guests in – and I’m talking about butterflies and birds.

Suzsi's Garden


28/08/2020 Suzsi Mandeville

MY neighbours were laughing at me (again). I didn’t mind, I’m used to it. “So, Suzsi, you working for the Council now?” snigger snigger. I was sweeping the leaves off the street. The whole street! […]

Suzsi's Garden


07/03/2020 Suzsi Mandeville

Whenever I plant something new, there’s a lot to consider: Will the plant get enough or too much sun? Does it need really good drainage? How big will it grow in the next five years and most importantly – how do I keep it alive?

Suzsi's Garden

Watering your garden

04/12/2019 Suzsi Mandeville

One of my neighbours asked me to have a look at her garden. It wasn’t performing well. It was straggly and sickly looking with a lot of yellow leaves; a nasty black fungus on one plant, white mould on another.

Suzsi's Garden

Fake it ’til you make it

29/08/2019 Suzsi Mandeville

In winter many of our plants die back and the garden looks bare and stark. But I like colourful flowers, so I cheat. Yes, I do. I buy fake flowers and place them amongst the foliage until the plant blooms again. The trick is to not go too flashy or too colourful. I choose small white flowers and unless you look closely, you can’t tell.

Suzsi's Garden

Hanging around in the Holiday Season

23/11/2018 Suzsi Mandeville

Are you going away this Christmas break? Yes? I can hear your pot plants screaming already! That’s the problem, isn’t it? Who will look after your precious pot plants and hanging baskets while you go off for your vacation? Who will care for them as well as you do? In my family, the answer is no one.