Suzsi's Garden
Suzsi's Garden

MY neighbours were laughing at me (again). I didn’t mind, I’m used to it. “So, Suzsi, you working for the Council now?” snigger snigger. I was sweeping the leaves off the street. The whole street! I wanted as many leaves as I could get and these were just lying around – free for me to take. And occasionally, there was a bonus of a free worm. Bliss!

What my neighbours didn’t realise is that dead leaves = compost. That’s why forests thrive with nobody looking after them. And I have an additional use for the leaves. I mix them 50/50 with potting-mix and then I put it in my cat litter box, so she uses soil and leaf litter, enjoying something natural to squat on. It doesn’t smell. I get a full week out of it before I have to change it. I am very sceptical of using crystals in her box then throwing them away.

Don’t forget, gardens are full of bacteria. That’s what makes them thrive, but you don’t necessarily want that sort of bacteria on your hands or on your food. So by all means, play dirty but I recommend wearing gloves and wash, wash, wash your hands afterwards. If Covid-19 taught us anything, it was to wash our hands. Happy gardening!

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