Easter Services 2018

Holy/Maundy Thursday – 29 April
Good Friday – 30 March
Easter Sunday – 1 April

Anglican Church of The Ascension
Cnr Blackburn Rd & Witchwood Cres., Burwood East
Maundy Thurs 7:30pm Eucharist
Good Friday 9:30am Eucharist
Easter Sunday 6am Easter Vigil Eucharist; Parish Breakfast 7:30am; Easter Eucharist 9:30am.

Ashburton Presbyterian Church
Cnr High Street & High Street Rd
Good Friday 9:30am
Easter Sunday 10am

City Edge Church
19 Middlesex Rd, Surrey Hills
Easter Sunday 10:30am-noon. Coffee and cake served after service.

Crossway Baptist Church
2 Vision Drive, East Burwood
Easter Sunday: English 8:45am, 10:15am, 11:45am, 6pm. Mandarin 10:15am; Cantonese 8:45am, 11:45am. Korean 1:15pm. Indonesian 5pm.
28-30 March, various times: Crossway Easter Presentation – free. Enquiries w: crossway.org.au

East Camberwell Baptist Church
Cnr Highfield and Hunter Roads
Good Friday 10:30am
Easter Sunday 10:30am.

Metropolitan Community Church
St Aidan’s Church, 8 Surrey St, Box Hill South
Thurs 29 Mar 6:30pm Passover Meal
Good Friday 10am service
Easter Sunday 7pm service.

The Salvation Army
7 Bowen St, Camberwell ph. 9889 2468
Maundy Thurs 7:30pm Reflection
Good Friday 10am Service
Easter Sunday 9am, 10:15am, 6pm.

St Benedict’s Catholic Church
299 Warrigal Rd, Burwood
Holy Thurs 7:30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday 10am Stations of the Cross; 3pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Easter Sat 31 Mar Sundown Easter Vigil Mass
Easter Sunday 10am Mass.

St Dunstan’s Anglican Church
163 Wattle Valley Rd, Camberwell
Palm Sun 25 Mar 8am Eucharist; 9:30am Procession of Palms & Eucharist
Mon-Wed 26-28 Mar 7:30am Holy Week Eucharist
Maundy Thurs 7:30pm Foot Washing & Last Supper Commemoration
Good Friday 9:30am Liturgy; 7:30pm Tenebrae (Service of the Shadows)
Easter Sunday 6am Vigil Euchrist; breakfast together; 9:30am Eucharist.

St Edward’s Anglican Church
59 Edinburgh Rd, Blackburn South
Good Friday 9:30am
Easter Sunday 8am; 10am.

St Faith’s Anglican
4-8 Charles St, Glen Iris
Palm Sun 25 Mar 8am, 10am Holy Communion
Maundy Thurs 7:30pm Holy Communion with Foot Washing
Good Friday 9am Liturgy with proclamation of the cross. Noon-3pm Three Hour Devotion
Easter Sunday 6am Great Vigil; Holy Communion 10am.

St Luke’s Anglican Church
94 Essex Rd, Glen Iris. w: stlukesmtwaverley.unitingchurch.org.au 
Palm Sun 25 Mar 9:30 am
Holy Week devotions – see website for times
Maundy Thurs 7:30pm. Holy communion and Tenebrae
Good Friday 9:30 am
Easter Sunday Dawn service – see website for time. 9:30am. Family celebration service with communion.

St Joseph’s, Catholic Church
45 Stanhope St, Malvern
Holy Thurs 7:30-9pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday 11am Stations of the Cross; 3pm Liturgy of the Passion
26 Mar 6pm Mass; 7:30-9:30pm Liturgy of Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday Mass 8:30am; 10am.

St Matthew’s Anglican & Melbourne CSI
334 High St, Ashburton
Palm Sun 25 Mar 10am Eucharist
Wed 28 Mar Conclusion of Lenten Devotions
Maundy Thurs 7pm Eucharist & Washing of Feet
Good Friday 10:30am Meditation on the Cross
Sat 31 Mar 7pm Easter Recital
Easter Sunday 10am Easter Eucharist.

St Scholastica’s Catholic Church
348 Burwood Hwy, Bennettswood
Tues 27 Mar 7pm Reconciliation (2nd Rite)
Wed 28 Mar 11am Mass
Holy Thurs 7:30pm Mass of Last Supper, then Adoration until 9pm; no 8am mass
Good Friday 9am Stations of the Cross; 11am Ecumenical Way of the Cross; 3pm Celebration of Lord’s Passion; no 8am mass
Holy Sat 7:30 pm Vigil Mass. No 9am mass/confessions, no 6pm mass
Easter Sunday 9am/11am Mass; no 5:30pm mass.

St Thomas’s Anglican Church
44 Station St, Burwood
Good Friday 9am
Easter Sunday 8:30am Holy Communion (Prayer Book Svc);
10:30am Holy Communion with Kids’ Club (Contemporary Svc);
10:30am Holy Communion with Kids’ Club (Cantonese Svc);
2pm Mandarin/English Svc with Kids’ Club.

Surrey Hills Uniting Church
Cnr Canterbury Rd & Valonia Ave
Maundy Thurs 7pm Tenebrae Service
Good Friday 9:30am
Easter Sunday 10am.

Syndal Baptist Church
588 High Street Rd, Glen Waverley
Good Friday 9:30am
Easter Sunday 8:30am, 10:30am, 6pm.