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Suzsi's Garden
Suzsi's Garden

Spring is the time to prepare your lawn for summer. Your grass has endured a long cold winter and won’t have taken up any nutrients. It may look sad and yellow. My grass has amazing green patches – but on closer inspection, it turns out that they’re weeds!

As soon as the growth starts, I hose on the Weed ‘n’ Feed. But by December, the grass is dying, even though it was watered. Why? It’s mostly because the soil gets packed down hard, so the water can’t penetrate. Then the hot sun burns it.

Remedy: First, loosen the soil. Using a garden fork, insert the prongs just a few centimetres and lift, so that the water can get in and the roots can spread. Maybe add some topsoil.

A week later, hose on a liquid fertiliser. But I also add a little squirt of cheap washing-up liquid to the mix, and that is my secret weapon. The washing-up liquid helps the soil absorb the water.

Next, I buy a couple of bags of Horse Poo and to my husband’s horror, I run the lawnmower over it! He has words. Loud words. They go: “You did what with my lawnmower?” I am trying to work out why it is suddenly his lawnmower, but a squirt with the hose soon cleans it. The finely powdered poo is then spread over the lawn and watered in.

Result: Lush green grass for summer!

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