Issue #135, Summer 2014-2015

Gardening in Good Company

Exciting things are afoot in the Ashwood College Permaculture Food Garden. Volunteer gardeners keep coming back to sow and plant, weed and mulch, fertilise and water in our unique community garden. The Ashwood College Permaculture Food Garden (ACPFG) is a communal garden where we all pitch in with what needs doing on the day, and … Continue reading Gardening in Good Company

By: Mariëtte Tuohey

First constable Jack Carrucan

CHRIS GRAY spoke to John Doherty and Ian McKay There was one time when Hughie Doherty came home fuming. How dare they! Somebody higher up had spoken to the local cop, saying, “Doherty’s are running around in trucks with no doors – have a talk with them.” Doors would interfere with the ease of delivering … Continue reading First constable Jack Carrucan

By: Chris Gray

My Bicycle

I clearly remember the days of my bicycle. It was in the 1940s, when everybody had a bicycle. Mine hung on a hook in the laundry. It came with toe grips on the pedals and had a racing seat with a lambswool cover for comfort. It had a rim bell, which was operated from the … Continue reading My Bicycle

By: Keith Smith

My travel through life with Travellers Aid

MY name is Bryan Porter. I live with a permanent disability, and I would like to share my involvement with an organisation that has helped me – and many others in the community – for nearly 100 years: Travellers Aid Australia. The organisation originated as a charity in 1916, mainly to assist women and children … Continue reading My travel through life with Travellers Aid

By: Bryan Porter

50 Times a Winner- Box Hill Rotary Art Show

The Rotary Club of Box Hill celebrated the Golden Jubilee presentation of their Annual Art Show in the Box Hill Town Hall over the period November 13 to 16. Many readers may remember that the original Box Hill Art Show was held on the plantation in the centre of Box Hill – about where the … Continue reading 50 Times a Winner- Box Hill Rotary Art Show

By: Peter Cummins

Gambling – Two Sides of the Coin

Scripted and directed by Catherine Simmonds To raise the subject of gambling in a group of people can usually cause a heated debate, and opinions range from sympathy and pity to anger and disgust. In October a number of performances by a group from Monashlink took place across the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The … Continue reading Gambling – Two Sides of the Coin

By: Isabel Bromfield

Australia’s First Electric Tram

Transport shenanigans in the 1890s IN October 1889, Australia’s first electric tram began running between Box Hill Post Office on the Whitehorse Road and Station Street corner and the terminus near Elgar and Doncaster roads, Doncaster. It was the first in the southern hemisphere. At Melbourne’s Centennial International Exhibition at the Exhibition Buildings in August … Continue reading Australia’s First Electric Tram

By: Raine Biancalt