Issue #141, Winter 2016

A Pockett full of gardens

MANY Melburnians will be familiar with the names if not the garden design work of the likes of William Guilfoyle and Carlo Catani. Thomas Pockett has largely been forgotten, in spite of his modest but significant opus of executed designs of municipal gardens in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Pockett was born in … Continue reading A Pockett full of gardens

By: William Orange

A fair cop

THE Reporter of 11 July 1889 – with a banner proclaiming circulation in ‘Box Hill, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Balwyn, Camberwell, Doncaster, Burwood, Blackburn, Mitcham and Ringwood’ and cost one penny – contained a delightful anecdote. I endeavoured to find a link with the phrase ‘going around the bend’ and Yarra Bend1, but apparently it’s a … Continue reading A fair cop

By: Raine Biancalt

100 years of Travellers Aid

THE more than 25 years’ association I’ve had with Travellers Aid (TA) started through need when I first noticed the Spencer Street subway location. After leaving school on crutches, I needed to sit or lie down for a few hours to recover. I well remember one of the ladies there on my first visit – … Continue reading 100 years of Travellers Aid

By: Bryan Porter