Issue #145, Winter 2017

Meet Rod Quantock

A whole raft of events for Sustainable Living Week (26 May–8 June) started in Whitehorse with a free evening of laughs from award-winning Australian comedian Rod Quantock OAM and his sustainability-themed show The Last Tim Tam. Rod is known for his thought-provoking standup comedy and the ability to use laughter to focus a spotlight on the … Continue reading Meet Rod Quantock

By: Chris Gray

Burwood Walks #17: East to Malvern

Walk along Toorak Road towards the city and turn into the first street on your left – Myrniong Street. Admire the variety of street trees. Manchurian Pears; soft, flaky paperbarks, lilly pillys and even olives (among others) make this a lovely stroll to a large park which we enter beside a big oak tree. In … Continue reading Burwood Walks #17: East to Malvern

By: Mark Learmonth

Playgroup a “grand” idea

“Anyone remember the second verse?” The cry goes out to the group of grandparents holding hands in a circle with their grand kids. We are ‘doing’ action songs, but are struggling to remember the words of the second verse! “Yes, yes” someone says and takes the lead while we all follow the actions and dig out … Continue reading Playgroup a “grand” idea

By: Mary Liston

Art by students of Camberwell South Primary School

The children from Camberwell South Primary School have been working very hard this year to produce some fantastic art work. The work will be on display at the Hawthorn Town Hall gallery space from August 1 to 27. The work of Preps through to Grade 6 children is on display, providing a great example of the … Continue reading Art by students of Camberwell South Primary School

By: Rebecca O'Neill

Restoring Pennies brings peace for many

Somewhere among the graves and rusting wrought ironwork in Box Hill Cemetery is a memorial grave to Lieutenant Joseph Austin Sorby. He died in April 1918, leaving his parents, Charles Edward and Helen Sorby, to mourn his loss. When I came across Joseph’s memorial in 2016, I saw an indentation at the foot of the … Continue reading Restoring Pennies brings peace for many

By: Kim Fawkes

Mensans making a difference

Some see Mensa as an elitist club for people who want to show off their high IQ, and have no better way to do it. Mensa is a lot more than that. Have you noticed how many programs about intelligence seem to be on TV these days? One of Mensa’s goals is to foster intelligence, and … Continue reading Mensans making a difference

By: Leah Zartz