Issue #100, Autumn 2006

This was a war savings street

WWII had started. It was a time of Bonnington’s Irish Moss made from pectoral oxymil of carrageen, a seaweed found on the coast of Ireland, Doctor McKenzie’s menthoids, Figsen, Dewitt’s Antacid Powder, Fry’s Balsam, the Rawleigh’s Man, Loy Brothers soft drink from Burnley with their specials, Football Punch and Winter Cheer. Coca Cola had arrived … Continue reading This was a war savings street

By: Keith Smith

Waverley’s Roads

Roads – they are something we take for granted when all is well, and complain about when it isn’t – but barely think about most times. They are everywhere, little ones in front of our houses and big ones for travelling distances. We don’t have to build them or maintain them so we just assume … Continue reading Waverley’s Roads

By: Marjo Angelico

A visit to the past and Burwood High

Donald Weston and I sit in his living room, talking about his school days 50 years ago. Donald, a former student at Burwood High kept a diary, and as he explains I felt myself going back in time…to a time when Burwood High School was located at the Nissan Huts… 1956: Donald Weston recalls school … Continue reading A visit to the past and Burwood High

By: Yoshanthi Wellawa