Vegetables with everything

Lettuce and tomatoes and petunias

It started with a conversation about my grandmother. Mum and I were discussing food shortages when she said, ‘During the war, your gran grew a lot of vegetables for us three kids. She planted them in between the flowers.’ Wow! Lightbulb moment.

I wanted to grow more vegies, but where? Every bit of my garden was being used and I didn’t want to pull up flowers to make space for vegies. But perhaps I could extend the raised area around the lemon tree and squeeze in a few bits and pieces? And that’s what I’ve done. Nothing drastic, just fitted in some lettuce, tomatoes and an eggplant between the petunias. And they’re loving it!

Enthused, we dug out some ‘big green thing’ that’s been hogging space and light for years because I couldn’t be bothered with it – Gone! In its place is fresh compost and new soil with sweet potatoes planted at the rear, ordinary potatoes in the middle and carrots at the front. I just planted the bits that I cut off potatoes I’d bought from the supermarket. I find they grow easily from sprouting eyes.

Sweet potatoes have a lovely vine with pretty pink/ purple flowers that are a shame to cut back but I must, to encourage more tuber growth. It all looks lovely. The only problem now is: the lettuce is so pretty that I always apologise to the plant before I rip off its outer leaves!

Happy and tasty gardening.

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