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Artfully arranged scrapbooks documenting family stories become treasured heirlooms to be passed on for generations. Typical memorabilia include photographs, printed media, and artwork. Scrapbook albums are often elaborately decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling or written descriptions.

What people are saying:

A volunteer phoned on behalf of BlazeAid thanking the Burwood Bulletin for its article in the autumn 2020 (#156) issue promoting the need for volunteers to assist with the mammoth task of rebuilding fences across Australia following the bushfires.

The volunteer said that he and his wife had set off on a caravan holiday last October and have been all over. At one place, they noticed a large campsite and asked what it was all about. ‘BlazeAid’ came the reply and they’ve been volunteering with them ever since. He said the work is not arduous and the campsites are ‘pretty well equipped’, have power available and all food is provided. He said it is a ‘pleasant atmosphere for people to be in’.

Contact BlazeAid on 0418-530-471 or go to blazeaid.com.au to find contacts for the various camps where free sites/food are provided.

BlazeAid, 8th February 2020 – via phone

Dear Editor

The committee at Waverley Film Society thank you and Burwood Bulletin for your support during 2019. We appreciate the announcements of our screening dates that are made in “What’s On Locally” section of the print edition and website of Burwood Bulletin. Also for publishing us under Craft & Hobbies list.

Waverley Film Society, 18th December 2019 – via email

Well done, the article “Liberating History” was great. I will show it to Julie B. who is one of our local historians, she grew up on the Island. She was very helpful. Also could pass it on to RSL, they will be interested.
The Bulletin is a magazine you should all be very proud of. Back in late 70’s when I first became interested in putting together a Burwood Bulletin, I had no idea that the 4 page yellow paper magazine which was produced then, would be anything like the beautiful coloured booklet it is today.
Yes it was my idea, but people like Sandra H. and Jean W. and others were the ones who had the skill, and kept it going.

Mary, 3rd December 2019 – via email