Supporting Community Cricket

While COVID-19 continues to challenge us, North Balwyn Cricket Club (NBCC) says Toyota’s Good for Cricket program significantly helps clubs navigate the disruptions caused by this pandemic.

What people are saying:

Hi, I always manage to bring something from an article in the magazine into the conversation with the customers no matter what I am selling in the Showroom. … Summer Edition No.158, I do think it’s one of the best (or maybe I was just missing it so much – lol).
I can look forward to a read with a cup of tea tonight. Looking forward to the next edition and happy to promote.

Cheers, Karen DécoR Stone, Highbury Road, Burwood – via email Dec 2020

I’ve got quite a bit of work from the Burwood Bulletin over the years and I think I’ve had my little ad running for about 15 years and had lots of jobs and met some lovely people. My main motivation is to give the BB some extra much needed income to help save this great newsletter/magazine.
Regards, Martyn

Man Around the House – via email

Where can one find copies of this wondrous magazine?

I … would like to know where I can regularly obtain a copy of this publication. Is there a list available of the community centres or other venues that are part of the distribution chain? I am happy to chase it, but have no idea where to start.

Thank you. Judy, via email 2 Nov 2020


We volunteer

Donate your skills and time to ‘We Volunteer’

The Victorian State Government has launched a platform, We Volunteer, which connects volunteers to opportunities where they can utilise their skills during the Covid-19 crisis.
Sign up through their website and your details will be passed on to organisations needing help. The application process takes a few minutes.
The platform is currently intended to facilitate volunteering for tasks like community outreach and food parcel delivery. As needs change, new opportunities will be available.
Organisations can sign up through the We Volunteer website, registering their needs for emergency volunteers.
We Volunteer is operated by Volunteering Victoria.