Probus Clubs

PROBUS CLUBS:  Meetings generally include speakers, theatre and luncheons, outings, etc. Mostly for retirees and semi-retirees. New members are welcomed.

Probus Clubs worldwide work to provide regular gatherings to those retired or semi-retired business or professional people who in retirement appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and with similar interests. Probus Clubs are autonomous and endeavour to be simple in structure, free of constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members in minimal cost. Primarily provide fellowship between members. Source: Wikipedia.

Blackburn Lake Ladies Probus Club
Manchester Unity Hall, 8 Main Street. (Melways 47 K12). First Thursday 10am–noon. Phone Yvonne Roy 9890 4316.

Camberwell Probus Club
St Faiths Anglican Church hall, 8 Charles Street, Glen Iris. 1st Tuesdays 10am–noon. Easy parking. Phone Richard on 0411 612 464.

Combined Probus Club of Ashburton Inc.
Ashburton Bowls Club, 1/3 Samarinda Avenue, Ashburton. Second Wednesday 10am. Phone Bryan Gill 9809 1628. Email:

Combined Probus Club of Burwood Inc.
Bennettswood Bowling Club, 179 Station Street, Burwood (Melways 61 C4). First Wednesdays 10am–noon. Phone Allan 9808 3550.

Combined Probus Club of Burwood East (Inc.)
Burwood Heights Uniting Church Hall Opposite KMart, Burwood East. First Mondays 10am. Easy parking. Phone Lyle 8802 7724.

Combined Probus Club of Blackburn Bellbird
Manchester Unity Hall, 8 Main Street, Blackburn. Second Friday of month 10am-noon. Phone Trevor 9877 8027.

Combined Probus Club of Blackburn South
Horticultural Centre Jolimont Road, Forest Hill. 1st Wednesday 10am-noon. Phone Ian 9873 3852.

Combined Probus Club of Chisholm Inc.
Mt Waverley Youth Centre, Miller Cres, Mt Waverley. 3rd Monday each month at 10 am. Couples Welcome. Phone Val or Graeme 9802 8048.

Combined Probus Club of Glenferrie, Surrey Hills
Third Fridays 10am–noon, Balwyn Community Centre, 412 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills. Phone Peter 9801 8702.

Combined Probus Club of Glen Waverley (Inc.)
Mt Waverley Youth Centre,  Miller Crescent. 2nd Wednesday 0930-1200
Couples welcomed .  Ph Marg 9560 0297. Easy 3 hr parking.

Combined Probus Club of Inala, Blackburn South
Inala Village Auditorium, 220 Middleborough Road, Blackburn South. Fourth Wednesday 1:15–3pm. Phone Barry Cairns 9803 3130.

Combined Probus Club of Tunstall Nunawading
Uniting Church, Corner 355 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. 4th Fridays 10am–noon.Phone Martin 9874 3224 or Loris 9878 8530.

Combined Probus of Whitehorse Inc., Forest Hill
Horticultural Hall, Jolimont Road, Forest Hill. First Monday 10am–noon. Phone Margaret 9884 8482 or Evelyn 9762 2468.

East Malvern Combined Probus Club Inc.
Uniting Centre, 54 Serrell St, East Malvern. First Wednesday 9:45 am to noon.

Forest Hill Men’s Probus Club
Horticultural Centre 82 Jolimont Rd. 2nd Tuesdays 10am–noon Ph. Ted 98788040.

Hawthorn Ladies Probus Club, Camberwell
Salvation Army Citadel, Bowen Street, Camberwell. First Monday of month at 10am. Margaret 9509 9585.

Ladies Probus Club of Blackburn South Inc.
Avenue Church Fellowship Hall, The Avenue. 3rd Tuesday of month 10am–noon. Phone Margaret 9802 4005

Ladies Probus Club of Box Hill South Inc.
Bennettswood Bowling Club, 179 Station Street, Box Hill South. 4th Wednesdays 10am–noon. Phone Annabel 9898 5236.

Men’s Probus Club of Box Hill South Inc.
Bennettswood Bowling Club, 179 Station Street, Box Hill South. First Fridays 10am–noon. Phone Malcolm 9808 1319.

Men’s Probus Club of Surrey Hills, Balwyn North
St Aidan’s Hall, 17 Duggan Street, Balwyn North. First Thursday, 10am–noon.  Phone Bill 8848 1480. w: 

Monash Combined Probus Club
Mt Waverley Youth Centre, Miller Cres. 1st Friday. 10am-noon. Ph Graham 0400 565 387 or Joan 0407 322 901. w: monashcombined

Mt Waverley Men’s Probus Club
Meets 3rd Thursday At Masonic Centre  322 Stephenson’s Rd Mt Waverley at 10am. Phone Peter: 9807 8846

Probus Club of  Blackburn Central
Manchester Unity Hall. Main St. 10am to noon every second Thursday of the Month. Ph. Anne 9894 7339

Probus Club of Chatham (Camberwell & Districts), Camberwell Central Bowling Club, 14 Bowen Street. First Wednesday at 10am. Phone Roma 9885 2309

Probus Club of Mitcham Nunawading
Willis Room at Whitehorse Council Offices, 397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. Second Tuesday each month at 9:30am – noon. Phone Ray or Chris on 0418 596 831

Probus Club of Waverley Inc., Mount Waverley
Mount Waverley Youth Centre, Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley. First Thursdays 10am–noon. Phone Col 9807 4433

Tunstall Combined Probus Club Nunawading
Uniting Church 355 Whitehorse Rd 10am 4th Fri of month. Phone Martin Wrigglesworth 9874 3224 or Loris Humphries 9878 8530

Waverley Ladies Probus
We warmly invite retired/semi -retired ladies to join our friendly, happy club at 10am on the first Wednesday of each month held at the Community Youth Centre, Miller Cres, Mount Waverley beside the public library . Telephone : 98075662 or 98073350

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