Two teenagers enjoying a drink in Lower Reserve.

Burwood Walks #19: Central Park

01/12/2017 Mark Learmonth

Our nineteenth walk starts, for the first time, from Camberwell and heads steadily south to Malvern East. The length of this walk is approximately 6km, and the “terrain” is gently undulating.

Ibis Colony in Jells Park

Burwood Walks #18: Jells Park

30/08/2017 Mark Learmonth

Our eighteenth walk takes us to the very east of the Burwood Bulletin “catchment”. The length of this walk is approximately 7km. We start this walk in Glen Waverley, exploring Shepherds Bush, Dandenong Valley Parklands and Jells Park, generally walking in a southerly direction.

Walking along the Ferndale trail

Burwood Walks #17: East to Malvern

21/05/2017 Mark Learmonth

Walk along Toorak Road towards the city and turn into the first street on your left – Myrniong Street. Manchurian Pears, paperbarks, lilly pillys and olives make this a lovely stroll to a large park which we enter beside a big oak. In fact, this whole walk features many attractive street trees.

Blackburn Creeklands

Burwood Walks #16: Blackburn Lake

24/02/2017 Mark Learmonth

Our sixteenth walk takes us to an area which is quite shady; namely the wonderful Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. The length of this walk is 6km, more if you explore the sanctuary. We start this walk at Laburnum Railway Station and walk through the Blackburn Creeklands to the sanctuary.

Walking along the track heading south in Bushy Park Wetlands

Burwood Walks #14: Bushy Park Wetlands

01/12/2016 Mark Learmonth

Our fourteenth walk is a continuation of the twelfth walk, starting at Tally Ho Business Park, in Burwood East, then walking to Glen Waverley and Vermont South. This walk is about 6km, plus 2km for the return bird- hide walk.

The author's favourite echidna

Burwood Walks #13: Deakin Paths

01/12/2016 Mark Learmonth

Our thirteenth walk goes to visit Burwood’s very own university – Deakin. In particular, we will be looking at the interesting Sculpture Walk set up by the University Art Gallery. The 7km walk includes bush and parklands to complete our circuit from Burwood Village.

A pond inside the Urban Forest

Burwood Walks #11: The Anniversary Trail

23/10/2016 Mark Learmonth

Our eleventh walk goes south from Burwood Station all the way to Hughesdale, where it joins the Dandenong line. The walk as described is about 8 kilometres, but you can shorten it easily by starting at either Ashburton (saving 1.5km) or Alamein (2.5km) stations.

Path through the reserve

Burwood Walks #10: Valley Reserve

23/09/2016 Mark Learmonth

Our tenth walk features Valley Reserve, a favourite place for many local residents. This 5–6 kilometre walk starts and ends at the main entrance to Mount Waverley railway station (southern side).