Burwood Walks

Golf Ave. (near Alvie Rd)
Golf Ave. (near Alvie Rd)

Lesser-known Parks in Mount Waverley

This is our 34th Burwood Walk, and we will pass several parks (small and large) finishing in familiar territory – namely Burwood. As with our previous walk, we will start at the shops/station in Mount Waverley. Also, you may wish to visit these shops or use the public toilet there.

Bring your Myki with you, for a short bus ride at the end of this walk. This walk is entirely covered by Map 61 in the Melway street directory, if you can access one.

We start on the northern side of Mount Waverley station, (there is an underpass from the southern side of the station to the northern side if you need it.) From the bus stop you will see a park directly across the road. The park features several plaques which, at the moment, are affected by some improvement works. (Hopefully, these will be finished soon.) However, you could explore the area near the Community Centre and see if you can find a sundial which will tell you the time of day. (It was quite accurate when I used it.) Now take the footpath past the Community Centre, the Youth Centre and the Library.

Walking east, pass the Library and turn right (north) into Wadham Parade, then shortly left (north-east) into Holskamp Street, observing the “Bottle Tree” at the bend in this street.

Shortly, turn left into Farquharson Street, walking north, gently downhill. Where Bowman Street joins Farquharson Street, you will see a linear park on the eastern side of Bowman Street. Walk down Bowman Street in a north-west direction passing a delightful park.

Electra Reserve, near playground
Electra Reserve, near playground

Continuing downhill, pass a playground and seating. At the end of this street (corner of Bowman and Brolga Streets), there is a linear park following a creek. To your left (west), walk along a gravel path, past the Bowling Club, until you reach a road, then continue west on a concrete path for ~200m to Alvie Road. You can explore this heavily treed reserve (an extension of the well-known Damper Creek Reserve), and return to Alvie Road, walking north to High Street Road, passing Alvie Hall (meeting room) and a huge Eucalypt near the corner. This reserve also is bounded by Golf Avenue, which we also pass. (These instructions are much easier to follow from the Melway map.)

We now turn left and stroll east along the southern side of High Street Road and navigation is much simpler! The tall fence indicates that we have reached Riversdale Golf Course (and some tennis courts) all the way to Huntingdale Road. This stroll, with glimpses of the golf course, will take about 15 minutes, and is quite relaxing.

Cross Huntingdale Road (traffic lights) and continue along the northern edge of a very different park, Electra Reserve. There is an excellent playground, drinking water and treed areas. As you come to the western end of this reserve, you will see, on the other side of the road, a large street sign denoting Raymond Street, which climbs to the north, beside a small group of shops.

Cross the road and take Raymond Street, which also has a delightful leafy start. We continue north until we reach its end and turn right into Parkhill Drive. Soon on the right is a small unnamed park, with a shady seat and playground. Go to the end of the street and turn right into Moore Street and then left into Rocklands Road. This street takes us to traffic lights to cross Huntingdale Road, where we enter another very attractive reserve, Essex Heights Reserve. Take a left circuit – there is a small group of shops at the start of this road. Look out for fine views of the city and northerly suburbs. What can you identify? Do not circuit the whole reserve, but exit into Essex Road which heads easterly.

As we enjoy the easy walking along Essex Road, we pass a primary school, another small group of shops (one of which is a milk bar!!), and on one corner (Essex Road and Derham Street), there is a great little park with shady seats. There is also another one between two fences a little further along. When we reach St Luke’s Uniting Church, turn left into Purse Street. At the end of this street you will find the beautiful entrance into our final park – Federal Reserve, with some shady seats. There are toilets near the tennis courts, which are sometimes open. It is worthwhile to “circuit” this park and gradually “aim” for its north-west corner into Andrew Street. (There is a signpost, but it can be a little difficult to find.). Again, there are good views from this location to the north in particular. Andrew Street goes north and downhill, leading to a group of shops including an IGA.

Once you reach Highbury Road, you have reached Burwood!

In order to return to our starting point of Mount Waverley, cross Highbury Road, walk (uphill) for about 15 minutes to the corner of Highbury and Middleborough Roads, cross Middleborough Road, turn left (north) to the bus stop just a few metres away, where a 733 bus will deliver you back to Mount Waverley Shopping Centre.

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