The Bulletin is an incorporated, non-profit organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers who provide a range of talents freely for the benefit of the community.

The Bulletin aims to encourage a strong sense of community by promoting:

  • Current news – people and groups who contribute to the community in various ways
  • Historical articles and photographs from the area
  • Local Community Notices – what’s on in the area
  • Advertising by local traders and a small business directory


President: Cheryl Webster (acting)
Vice President: Chris Gray
Secretary: Alan MacGavin info@burwoodbulletin.org
Treasurer: Lucy D’Amico treasurer@burwoodbulletin.org
Committee Members:  Cheryl Webster, Chris Gray, Margaret Rockow, Yoshanthi Wellawa.


President: Cheryl Webster (acting)
Editor: Chris Gray (acting) editor@burwoodbulletin.org
Assistant Editor: Anna Cheung
Magazine Design & Layout: Chris Gray, designer@burwoodbulletin.org
Secretary: Alan MacGavin, info@burwoodbulletin.org
Treasurer: Lucy D’Amico, treasurer@burwoodbulletin.org
Advertising coordinator: advertise@burwoodbulletin.org
Distribution: Alan MacGavin
Proofreading: Barrie Harding, Margaret Rockow
Website: Frank Zhang, webmanager@burwoodbulletin.org


Bob Stensholt
Bronwyn Woolcock
Bruce Gibbs
Charles Hui
Cheryl Webster
David Francis
Leah Zartz
Margaret Knight
Margaret Rockow
Merril Bolton
Peter Chang
Peter Wynd
Rowan Woolcock
Susan Cover

Printing: M Print

Regular Writers

Anna Cheung
Chris Gray
Paul Woods
Yoshanthi Wellawa