Burwood Walks Burwood 3125 (part 3)

We begin at the corner of Elgar Road and Burwood Highway (61 A6) – near tram stop 62. This walk is approximately 7km. At the time of writing, masks are compulsory for public transport, and we may use a tram, so remember to bring a mask and your Myki with you. This area is close to Deakin University and parking here is very restricted on weekdays when the university is operating (weekends seem okay). So, catching a tram anywhere along Burwood Highway, and then exiting at Stop 62 solves that problem. Burwood Village is located at tram stop 58, and could be a good coffee stop before or after your walk.

From tram stop 62, cross Burwood Highway at the traffic lights, then turn right (east) along Burwood Highway, passing Hungry Jacks, looking for “Whitehorse Heritage Trail” and “Gardiners Creek Trail” on two large signs, on the ground on your left, just before reaching Gardiners Creek itself. Follow the trail on the city side of Gardiners Creek, which runs north-easterly. It is a most enjoyable stroll. This trail is right on the borders of Burwood 3125 and Box Hill South 3128. Avoid crossing the creek itself, and keep an eye out for interesting signage from Whitehorse Council. We also pass under the huge Deakin overpass bridge. We do move away from the creek, but then we return, passing a playground.

After about 30 minutes, we reach Station Street (signposted at 61 D3). Here, turn right, and now we do cross Gardiners Creek, heading south for a short distance. There are traffic lights here, and we follow the walk/bicycle trail for 0.6km to Eley Road (several signposts along the way). This route is very well signposted through and around the Boardman Community Units. It also has a delightful “glen” feeling. (We are close to, but not quite in Burwood at the moment.) In about 20 minutes, we reach Eley Road, having walked through a triangular park (and a popular playground). We are now back in Burwood.

Walk gently uphill along Eley Road, in an easterly direction for 10 minutes or so to Middleborough Road, cross it at the lights, and then turn right. Now walk south past the huge Burwood Brickworks development and the RSPCA Animal Welfare Centre (look for animals in its grounds.). Continuing south, we reach Burwood Highway, which we cross. The Burwood Heights Shopping Centre is now on our left. This smaller scale shopping centre does however have a good range of shops. (There are public toilets here, within Woolworths, accessed by a key from the service desk.)

This walk is the final in our three walks around the boundary of the Burwood postcode – 3125. As mentioned in our previous two walks, many postcodes have very obvious boundaries, as with Mount Waverley (3149) – a rectangle of four roads – Highbury Road, Blackburn Road, Ferntree Gully Road and Huntingdale Road, but Burwood is more complex. We have walked most of the southern and western boundaries – and this (our thirty-second Burwood walk) will cover the eastern section of Burwood (not to be confused with Burwood East 3151). The section is bounded by Gardiners Creek, Eley Road, Middleborough Road and Highbury Road. It is covered well on Melway map 61.

After we leave the shopping centre, continue for five minutes or so, south along busy Middleborough Road, to Highbury Road. As pedestrians, we can safely look at the interesting houses along this road, and also see occasional long-distance views. The next intersection is with the east-west Highbury Road, cross to the southern side and turn right – walking westerly. Views to the city are common along this route. After about 15 minutes, we reach the Andrew Street shops (including an IGA supermarket, and an Ampol service station).

There are pedestrian lights near the service station. Cross Highbury Road here and join the Lundgren Chain Reserve, which is a gentle westerly walk through a delightful grassy reserve. After 10 minutes, we cross Station Street, and continue along a narrowing reserve. Only about five minutes or so later, the trail ends suddenly, just after some “mushroom seats” (I kid you not!). Turn right (north) here along Cumming Street.

When you reach Burwood Highway, you have two choices. To your right (east), is an underpass to safely access tram stop 63, and to your left (west) there are traffic lights where you could cross and visit the attractive Bennettswood Reserve, definitely within postcode 3125. In this reserve there is a pavilion, with a public toilet. If you have now done all three walks, you have walked the boundaries of 3125.

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Mark is a retired Science and Chemistry teacher, who enjoys bushwalking and exploring public transport to access these walks. He has lived in Mount Waverley for about 40 years!