Why not try scrapbooking?

29/11/2019 Raine Biancalt

By the 19th century the spread of printed material throughout Europe meant that Bibles, previously purchased only by the wealthy, were being mass-produced for the general public. As these contained blank pages at the front, […]

Orange for Orang-utans

29/11/2019 Chris Gray

Luke had just arrived home from basketball practice and had to shower because he was so dirty, said his mum Emily. This was encouraging; the eleven-year-old Award winner was sounding like a normal boy. But […]

Telegram history

Telegram for You

01/11/2019 Barrie Harding

Australia’s first telegraph line was erected between Melbourne and Williamstown in 1853 and 1854 by Samuel McGowan, a recently immigrated Canadian telegrapher. The line covered 17km and went into operation less than 10 years after the opening on 1 May 1844 of the first public telegraph line in the world linking Baltimore and Washington DC.