Burwood Walks #25: Glen to Mount Waverley

Blackburn Road overpass
Blackburn Road overpass

Our twenty-fifth walk begins at Glen Waverley Railway Station, and finishes at Mount Waverley Railway Station. Public transport users in Burwood Bulletin’s catchment area have a large number of options to reach this station. There is a large bus terminal just beside the station. The walk is about 6km (depending upon how much “exploring” you do), and is mainly level. Melway maps 71 and 70 cover the route. If you have binoculars, bring them along.

In Glen Waverley Station (which has toilets), turn right past the “Red Engine” Coffee Shop, then right again into Coleman Parade. Walk west, passing by the RSL. At the first roundabout, cross to the Wavecare Consulting Service side of the street and turn left into and south along Myrtle Street. Observe Glen Waverley’s rapidly changing skyline. You will also see a surprising number of large, mostly Aussie, trees. Pass the next roundabout, and soon the road bends left but Myrtle Street keeps heading south. It is signposted to “Wavlink Neighbourhood House”. Enter this quieter street where you can see the changing housing styles in these suburbs. Once the street became partly light industrial I crossed to the left side of the street.

We have been walking about 20 minutes when we reach Waverley Road. Cross this road, turn left (east) and walk for about 200m to parkland. We pass the Bowling Club, with a wide verge of mostly paperbarks and the Glenallen School on the opposite side of the road. Enter “Central Reserve” at the “North Entry”, and continue walking east along the grass. I walked along the mound near the scoreboard and the goalposts/ net. There are several seats in this area. Continue around the oval towards the very large playground. (How many different eucalypts did you pass?) Continuing south, walk to the left of the skate park, past a water fountain. You will notice a very large pine tree, a set of stone gates and a memorial as you continue south. Other notable trees include a Kurrajong, a palm and an oak. There is a lot to explore as you circuit this second oval, clockwise or anticlockwise. Look out for a red brick building near the grandstand, which is a block of toilets, open when I came.

Once you reach the signpost for “Central Reserve Pavilion”, walk south past more playing fields and lovely eucalypts. To the south of the Athletics Ground you will see an exit gate, near an older set of toilets. Go through this gate, turning right onto Vermont Street (now heading west). At the end of Vermont Street, turn right, and in 50m, turn left into Kurrajong Avenue. At the end of this street turn right into Kauri Grove, and head north. Where the street turns right, there is a NW walking path, which is quite nicely landscaped. Follow the creek bed NW to Waverley Road, ending close to a huge aquatic sporting complex (MARC). This aquatic centre has a cafe and lots of other facilities. Cross Waverley Road and turn left, walking west.

Pass the large blue Holmesglen TAFE sign, cross the car and pedestrian TAFE entry, and then right into the signposted Scotchmans Creek Trail heading NW. Take the left hand concrete path, watchful of “high speed” cyclists, most of whom are very considerate to pedestrians. This delightful trail winds NW, then SW (with its own overpass over Blackburn Road) all the way to Valley Reserve. There are still things to see before reaching the Valley Reserve; I saw small fish in the creek, and a flock of eight Gang Gang Cockatoos flew by. After 15 minutes, we cross Crosby Drive (with an info panel), then after another 15 minutes you won’t miss the bridge over Blackburn Road; it is huge!

Once you have crossed, look out for several wetlands and very attractive sheoaks. There are numerous places to rest along this route. As can be seen by the retaining dam wall this Melbourne Water Reserve can be flooded if needed. Shortly, after we pass to the western side of the retaining wall (about 20 minutes after the overpass), we will turn right on a bridge across the creek. (The main trail continues south.) When you reach the small playground, you will see another info board (on the opposite side of Regent Street). This is the entrance into our final park, the treasured Valley Reserve.

You could spend a day exploring all the tracks in Valley Reserve, but follow the main track in a westerly, then slightly northerly direction to the central section where there is water, a huge playground, the park office, picnic facilities, toilets and helpful signs. Just before you reach the park office, you pass a significant grassland meadow, which is not mown, but has seats and information posts. The main track heads west from the park office area, and we exit the reserve in about five minutes. Take the street directly in front of you (Valley Road), heading west and uphill! It feels steeper than it really is. Soon you will arrive at Mount Waverley shops, with several cafes, and toilets beside the IGA. The Bus Station has a recently completed mural, well worth seeing. Mount Waverley station is at the NW end of the shops, and this is where we finish the walk.

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