Grass – Melbourne Fringe play

Annabelle Mitchell in the play 'Grass'
Annabelle Mitchell in the play 'Grass'

Few industries have been hit harder this year than the arts. Theatres have closed, film sets have shut down and paintings wait patiently in darkened galleries. However, not everything has stopped. The emergence of digital theatre is one example of the amazing resilience of the performing arts.

“Grass” is a one-woman digital play which incorporates elements of cinema and can be easily streamed from the comfort of the viewer’s own home. The play centres around Ellie, a lost young woman stuck between resentment for her parents and grief for her lost sister. In a plight to leave behind the ghosts of her past, Ellie becomes ambitious and determined, studying relentlessly. She eventually reaps the rewards of her hard work, becoming the Dux of the school and getting into Law.

Over the course of the play, Ellie gets everything she ever wanted, but is she happy? Grass was devised on the paths of the Camberwell Anniversary trail and is based on conversations the writer (Annabelle Mitchell) had with her neighbours. Despite the digital nature of the piece, Grass is filmed in Camberwell and is infused with the spirit of the local replicaimitation.

Support the resilience of the arts and stream Grass. Now as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, but available at for the next four months.