Scouting through Covid

There are more than 50 million Scouts, young people and adults, male and female, in over 200 countries and territories. In Victoria, we have 17 000 youth members and 5000 adult volunteers. The strong feeling of connection across geographic and cultural divisions is a model for world accord.

The Scouting experience has helped to shape countless young lives, from age 5 to 26, encouraging an engagement with the world around them and beyond. The inner strengths gained and the life skills learned are often credited as influencing personal growth and providing a framework for career paths in adulthood. None of this could happen without the dedication of the trained leaders, many of whom find a lifelong fulfilment. They sign up for that “one night a week”, which develops into many hours, days, weekends – and more. They have great belief in the potential of their young people and are constantly helping each individual to attain their best.

The opportunities for the youth members are wide-ranging and appealing, building knowledge, fun and lasting friendships. This year in Victoria, where activities normally available have been greatly limited by COVID restrictions, the young people have not missed out. Leaders everywhere have adapted to online versions of meetings, programs and even camps. So, levels of achievement have continued. The positive attitudes have survived and there is even a bonus – showing the results of home cooking does not involve cleaning up the Scout hall kitchen!