Things to do in Lockdown (and after)

  1. Watch a film
    YouTube or For
    documentaries, try topdocumentaryfilms
  2. Tour ancient Rome
    Current technology allows you to explore other cities – even
    other times online. Walk around Rome in a 3D digital model of
    the ancient city. Free at
  3. Paint with Bob Ross
    403 episodes of the Joy of Painting on YouTube, so get painting.
  4. Write a song
    Get a practical introduction to song writing and meet
    established songwriters with the University of Sheffield’s online
  5. Puzzle online with jigsawexplorer
  6. Visit the MoMA
    Many art galleries and museums worldwide have digitised
    their collections and now offer free virtual tours. Visit New
    York’s MoMA
  7. Explore the Uffizi
    The Uffizi in Florence has one of the best collections of
    Renaissance art in the world.
  8. Pop into the Tate
  9. Experience the British Museum
    Incredible artefacts from around the world available to virtual
  10. Watch movies at Kanopy, bought to you by your local library
  11. Try amigurumi
    The Japanese art of crocheting small creatures or characters. A
    cheap hobby to start, and plenty of free patterns online.
  12. Learn a language
    Online tools give you all you need to brush up on vocabulary
    and test pronunciation.
  13. Declutter your home
    Decide what to donate, throw out, or make some money by
    selling things you don’t need.
  14. Walk through Paris or London
    Some of the world’s most famous views on Google street view.
  15. Learn first aid
    Be prepared in case urgent care centres are overwhelmed or
    you don’t want to leave self-isolation for a minor injury. Learn
    online at the University of Glasgow.
  16. Discover your roots
    Tracing your family tree can unearth lost memories or even find
    distant relatives.
  17. Meditation . . .
    . . . does not just help you stay calm – practitioners rely on it to
    help focus, remain present, and appreciate what they have.
  18. Camp out
    . . . in your backyard. Pitch a tent, tell ghost stories, toast
  19. Create art for a community art installation at Hawthorn Arts Centre
    Join in with free online art activities for the project ‘If these leaves could talk’ with the Boroondara Arts Initiative
  20. Treasure hunt
    Hide items to keep kids occupied for a few hours. Draw a treasure
    map, and place messages with clues to find the next item.
  21. Write a letter
    Hand-write a letter to someone you love, lor to a friend or
    family member who lives on their own. Decorate the letter with
    hand-drawn pictures and then mail it.
  22. Build a cubby house
    It can be a fortress made from blankets and sheets hanging
    from chairs or bunk beds.