Issue #145, Winter 2017

Meet Rod Quantock

A whole raft of events for Sustainable Living Week (26 May–8 June) started in Whitehorse with a free evening of laughs from award-winning Australian comedian Rod Quantock OAM and his sustainability-themed show The Last Tim Tam. Rod is known for his thought-provoking standup comedy and the ability to use laughter to focus a spotlight on the … Continue reading Issue #145, Winter 2017

Burwood Walks #17: East to Malvern

Walk along Toorak Road towards the city and turn into the first street on your left – Myrniong Street. Admire the variety of street trees. Manchurian Pears; soft, flaky paperbarks, lilly pillys and even olives (among others) make this a lovely stroll to a large park which we enter beside a big oak tree. In … Continue reading Issue #145, Winter 2017

Playgroup a “grand” idea

“Anyone remember the second verse?” The cry goes out to the group of grandparents holding hands in a circle with their grand kids. We are ‘doing’ action songs, but are struggling to remember the words of the second verse! “Yes, yes” someone says and takes the lead while we all follow the actions and dig out … Continue reading Issue #145, Winter 2017

Issue #144, Autumn 2017

Camberwell – Named after a Pub

In 1853 newly-arrived George Eastaway built a corrugated iron hotel at what is now the corner of Burke and Riversdale Roads. The junction was a minor stopping place on the road to Gippsland and Wood’s Point gold diggings. As the area reminded him of Camberwell Green in London, Eastaway named his pub the Camberwell Inn and … Continue reading Issue #144, Autumn 2017

The artists’ muse for 65 years

There’s a reason the Box Hill Art Group has been going strong for 65 years this year. Commencing in 1952, it has serviced its community well, nurturing the talents of thousands of budding artists, as well as stretching the skills of experienced and exhibiting artists along the way. Its weekly classes cater for watercolour, oil, acrylic, … Continue reading Issue #144, Autumn 2017

Burwood Walks #16: Blackburn Lake

Our sixteenth walk takes us to an area which is quite shady; namely the wonderful Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. The length of this walk lies between 6 and 10km, depending upon how much “exploration” you do within the sanctuary. We start this walk at  Laburnum Railway Station and walk through the Blackburn Creeklands to the sanctuary. From Burwood … Continue reading Issue #144, Autumn 2017

Issue #143, Summer 2016-17

Burwood Walks #15: Village to Village

OUR fifteenth walk takes us northerly “from village to village” (about 6km), from Burwood to Mont Albert. Starting in Burwood Village (Melway 60G6), walk westerly from Warrigal Road to the second street heading north from Toorak Road – Fairview Avenue. It may not have a street sign, but it has large street trees and is … Continue reading Issue #143, Summer 2016-17

An extraordinary life

IT was an auspicious day on 6 August 1926 in Kent, England, when Edna Frances Clarke joined the fold. By age three, it was clear she had weak ankles so her aunt suggested enrolling her in dance classes. Edna’s life-long love of singing, dancing and acting resulted. Although dancing strengthened her legs, she was never … Continue reading Issue #143, Summer 2016-17

Cultures can – and do- mix at Louise Multicultural Centre

I spoke to Anna Walker and Klaudia Lozo in the warm offices of the Louise Multicultural Centre in Box Hill. Anna, who has just assumed the role of president, is passionate about her work, as are all those who come together in the organisation – and all are volunteers. She hales from Scotland, and coming … Continue reading Issue #143, Summer 2016-17

Issue #142, Spring 2016

Burwood Walks #14: Bushy Park Wetlands

Our fourteenth walk is a continuation of the twelfth walk, starting at Tally Ho Business Park, in Burwood East, then walking to Glen Waverley and Vermont South. Catch the 75 tram (the longest tram route in Melbourne) and get off at Lakeside Drive (Stop 72, Melway map 62 C7). This walk is about 6km, plus … Continue reading Issue #142, Spring 2016

When I was a bushranger

In the good old days of the cinema, when pictures flickered like summer lightning on the screen; when talkies were never dreamt of and when Hollywood was never heard of, they sometimes tried to construct film dramas – even in Victoria. In this article Mr Norman Campbell tells of some the humors and joys of … Continue reading Issue #142, Spring 2016

Following the feeling

It’s a cold, wintry, wet Melbourne day, but luckily I’m rendezvousing at warm, cosy Café Ab’stract in George Street, Hartwell. My coffee companion today is Eva Yap, freelance graphic designer, whose drawings have recently being showcased at the café under the title “little girl, big world”. Eva has just completed her Bachelor of Design at … Continue reading Issue #142, Spring 2016

Issue #141, Winter 2016

A Pockett full of gardens

MANY Melburnians will be familiar with the names if not the garden design work of the likes of William Guilfoyle and Carlo Catani. Thomas Pockett has largely been forgotten, in spite of his modest but significant opus of executed designs of municipal gardens in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Pockett was born in … Continue reading Issue #141, Winter 2016

A fair cop

THE Reporter of 11 July 1889 – with a banner proclaiming circulation in ‘Box Hill, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Balwyn, Camberwell, Doncaster, Burwood, Blackburn, Mitcham and Ringwood’ and cost one penny – contained a delightful anecdote. I endeavoured to find a link with the phrase ‘going around the bend’ and Yarra Bend1, but apparently it’s a … Continue reading Issue #141, Winter 2016

100 years of Travellers Aid

THE more than 25 years’ association I’ve had with Travellers Aid (TA) started through need when I first noticed the Spencer Street subway location. After leaving school on crutches, I needed to sit or lie down for a few hours to recover. I well remember one of the ladies there on my first visit – … Continue reading Issue #141, Winter 2016

Issue #140, Autumn 2016

Beauforts Away!

IN March 1939, with war imminent, the Australian government made the ambitious decision to build a modern warplane – the Bristol Aeroplane Company type 152 – later known as the ‘Beaufort’. Selected for manufacture was a twin-engined all metal monoplane with stressed-skin wings. Originally equipped with two Taurus sleeve valve engines, the design was modified … Continue reading Issue #140, Autumn 2016

Issue #139, Summer 2015-16

  • Cover: Chook Lady of Camberwell
  • Articles in #139: Passion for Chinese Culture; 90 Years Young: Happy Birthday Jean Hadler; My Lonely Teenager (Asperger's); The Chook Lady of Camberwell; Anna's Fine Obsession; Lights, Camera, Action!; For Art's Sake; WHS Family Day Success; "Support and Challenge" still the CSPS Motto; Mentally Speaking; Best Friends; Branching Out; Burwood Younger Set (from #053) - Jean Hadler; The People's Magistrate; Budget 1950s Ashburton; Children Come First at The Craig; Our Neighbourhood Shop

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Issue #138, Spring 2015

Babirra – a brief history

ON 24 April 1956, an enthusiastic group of people associated with Jordanville Methodist Church staged a variety concert at the church’s Electra Avenue location. The first half included vocal solos and duets and piano items, while the second half was a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury. Ticket prices were 5/- for adults … Continue reading Issue #138, Spring 2015

Issue #137, Winter 2015

  • Cover: Festival Time in Burwood Village
  • Articles in #137: Burwood Moves East, Ca 1955; Walk a Mile in Our Shoes: T.M. Grace; St Stephen's Rejoices - Judith Gibson; Burwood Village's 5th Autumn Festival; Blackburn Lakes Turns 50; Class of '55 Forever: Burwood High School; CWA Vibrant Community; MEDA: Kath's Story; 2015 Camellia & Garden Show; Glen Iris Primary: 150 Years; Soccer Fun Kicks Off; Mentoring in Monash; Edge Community Fund Raffle Results; Louise Multicultural Community Centre; ACRA Residents Come Together; Fab Living in Whitehorse; An Open Door to Singing; Zonta Wins Day for Girls; A Tennesse Sky: Rick Price

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Issue #136, Autumn 2015

  • Cover: Local entertainer from Zimbabwe
  • Articles in #136: The Haven that was Hethersett; The Woodman Cometh; A Call from the Dardanelles - Raine Biancalt; From Zimbabwe to Australia: Farai Larry Makombe - Jessica Graham-Richards; Monash Aires Spread Joy - Gayle Nicholas; Chadstone's Deluxe worm farm - Jonathan Long; Mel Grace, volunteer - Chris Gray; Ashburton United Soccer Club; Dear Holly - J Graham-Richards; Carpark Markets in Surrey Hills; Amaroo Art Show; Food swapping at BNH - Natasha Kuperman

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