19/03/2024 Editor

I have not included Toorak, which name “may have come from Aboriginal words of similar pronunciation, meaning black crow or reedy swamp.” I have also not included Malvern, although one source suggests it is the […]

100 Years of Broadcast Radio

19/03/2024 Editor

AUSTRALIANS watched many countries start radio broadcasts, though we were not idle, with many amateur experimenters and large companies like AWA running test broadcasts. Early development Australia’s world-renowned opera singer Dame Nellie Melba gave her […]

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

19/03/2024 Editor

It turns that all the classical music that you’ve heard is most likely inauthentic. Anna Cheung discovers that the Young Mannheim Symphony is teaching budding classical musicians how to play authentically.  WHILE for many of […]
Evelyn of Travellers' Aid

100 years of Travellers Aid

30/11/2023 Bryan Porter

THE more than 25 years’ association I’ve had with Travellers Aid (TA) started through need when I first noticed the Spencer Street subway location. After leaving school on crutches, I needed to sit or lie […]
Terry Napier Pardalotes

‘Nature In Art’ Exhibition

30/11/2023 Guest Author

‘Nature in Art’ is a series of classes run at Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre devoted to realistic botanical illustration. In April a select group of students from the classes will be showcasing their talent at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery in an exhibition aptly titled ‘Nature in Art’.