Evelyn of Travellers' Aid

100 years of Travellers Aid

30/11/2023 Bryan Porter

THE more than 25 years’ association I’ve had with Travellers Aid (TA) started through need when I first noticed the Spencer Street subway location. After leaving school on crutches, I needed to sit or lie […]

Terry Napier Pardalotes

‘Nature In Art’ Exhibition

30/11/2023 Guest Author

‘Nature in Art’ is a series of classes run at Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre devoted to realistic botanical illustration. In April a select group of students from the classes will be showcasing their talent at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery in an exhibition aptly titled ‘Nature in Art’.

Issue #168, Winter 2023
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Ancient origins of the Easter Bunny

28/03/2023 Guest Author

THE Easter bunny is known as the Easter hare in European traditions. Hares were given ritual burials alongside humans during the Neolithic age in Europe which archaeologists interpret as a religious ritual, with hares representing […]